The Client Acquisition immersion Program
Length of program: 5-weeks
The CLIENT ACQUISITION IMMERSION PROGRAM is a 5-week immersive program hosted by Ryan Holmer, and Ben Byrne, designed to show students how to sign 3-5 high-paying clients each month, using purely organic methods, even if you have zero, or limited prior experience. 

- 3 CLIENT GUARANTEE (if you don't sign 3-clients within 90-days, we'll work with you until you do)

· Your investment: $1,499 USD
(one-time payment)
" I’ve been able to grow my consulting & business service into a six-figure passive income, using the tips and techniques Ryan teaches."
Tim Benson 
This is good for you if...
  • ​You're tired of the 9-5 grind, and you want to eventually quit your job, to escape the rat race and live life on your own terms.
  • ​You currently have a client-business and you're just looking to supercharge growth and take things to the next level. 
  • ​Maybe you've been doing business for a while, and things just aren't where you want them to be. It's probably because you don't have the right systems to follow, or the right foundations set. 
If you've ever wanted to build and grow your own service-based-business, such as a marekting agency, consulting agency, coaching or freelancing business, now is the prime opportunity to do so. 

Whether you're looking to make $10,000/month, or $100,000/month, we can help get you there. 
Can You Really Earn a 6 Figure Income
 If You’ve Got No Skills, Money, Experience, Credentials, Talent, or 
Business Connections?
Yes, you absolutely can.

Hey, I'm Ryan Holmer.

Everyday my business partner Ben Byrne and I talk to students who came to us without anything you would traditionally "need" to be a success in business.

They’re telling us how they’re now earning $8,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more every month.

And before they worked with us they were “nobodies”. 

They didn’t have amazing skills, they didn’t have rich parents, or business mentors.
They were not highly educated, and many of them were working regular 9-5 jobs not at all related to running a business.

Nobody in their family was a successful entrepreneur, either. 
Some of them were college drop-outs. The only skills they had were flipping burgers or pouring coffee.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

There aren’t many business models where you can take someone with absolutely no abilities and turn them into a client closing machine.
And make that transformation happen in under 60 days. 

It’s almost unheard of.

Yet, we’re seeing it happen to our students every other day.

How you ask? What makes us so special?

We’re both college dropouts.  

We started without money, experience, or even a clue on how to build a successful business. 

We had to learn everything the hard way.
Reading books, taking a lot of action, making dumb mistakes, and trying a lot of different things that failed.

It took us a long time to build our business up to the point where we were easily clearing 6 figures.

Ryan was working as a cold caller for one of the Major Canadian banks.

Ben was a door to door sales guy, selling solar panels and telecommunications.

Ryan moved from Toronto to Ukraine with $1000 in the bank and went on to build a 6 figure drop-shipping ecom store.

Ben became a freelance copywriter who wrote copy for some of the biggest names in the internet marketing community, with clients in a large variety of other niches as well.

We originally began working together to build a consulting business which helped financial advisors land more client's. Until recently, we only worked on that one business, Affluent Attraction.

One day we started teaching people a few of our methods for generating leads, closing new client's, and delivering them excellent results.

People went nuts for this information because they were getting real results with real client's. 

Some guys took a piece of advice and then went out and landed their first client for $4000.

Jakub from Poland changed his offer and started making $50,000 USD per month.

Everyday we had new testimonials with amazing results like these.
That’s what led us to build our consulting mentorship group. 

Within the consulting mentorship group, we’re currently teaching over 400 men and women how to start their own client businesses from scratch up to 6 figures or more.

We have quite a few students earning over $10,000 a month.

Some are even over the $50,000/month mark.

But by far the coolest part is all of our students who were able to leave their 9-5 job after their business income replaced their salary. 

These people started like everyone else - no idea what to offer, how to choose a niche, where to find leads, how to close new clients, or how to deliver really stellar results to their client's.

They weren’t natural born sales people. 
They weren’t masters at digital marketing. 

Yet they were still able to build successful consulting businesses...
... because they followed a proven process.

Even though we've had amazing testimonials come out of that Consulting mentorship group over the past year, we still weren’t completely satisfied.

The consulting group was great, but we wanted to make a more intense version for people who want results as fast as humanly possible.

We decided to develop a foolproof program where anyone can come in regardless of skill level and be crushing it within just 60 - 90 days. 
That led us to develop 
The Client Acquisition Immersion Program

This program is different than the consulting mentorship group in a variety of ways.

Over the 5 weeks, we have a very structured curriculum. It's designed to teach you everything you need to know about building up a client business from scratch, to 6 figures and beyond.

The Immersion program also consists of only 10 people max compared to over 400 in the consulting group. This way we can provide 100% attention to the people going through the program. It’s a better experience for everyone involved.

You see, most people fail when they join these types of programs for a few common reasons.

The first and biggest reason is they don’t get customized support from the program creators.

Typically someone just pays a few thousand dollars and they get access to some video modules and maybe a call with the creator once a week.

With those programs, you almost never get individual attention. 

Everything is on you to succeed.

With the Client Acquisition Immersion Program, you get our training as well as 24/7 access to us for any questions you might have, at any time.

We also go a step further than competing programs:

Instead of just giving you the materials and saying good luck, each week we’re working with you so you don’t fall behind.

Plus, whenever a new question pops up, we add a training to cover that problem.

Another reason most people fail is because they get overwhelmed.
This happens if you skip ahead a few steps.

Someone will get stuck on step #1 and fall behind everyone else.
Before they know it, the program is on to step 10.

For example, one guy might get stuck picking a niche in week 1 and while everyone else has been keeping up with the program and generating leads, they’re still at square one.

With this program, we’re ensuring that situation doesn’t happen to you so you get the best results possible.
(PS - the key is just picking a niche and going with it. The perfect niche is a myth)

And we’re so committed to your success, we’ve created a crazy offer. 

Assuming you go through ALL of the training, do your action steps, show up to the live calls and ask questions in our group...

...If you don’t land your first 3 high paying client's within 90 days, we’ll work with you until you do. 

We want you to make back at least 5-8x what you invested with us.

Although this program is still relatively new, so far our client's are raving about it.

Chris Q recently said he feels like he’s learned more in the first week of the Client Acquisition Immersion Program than he had in the last 4 years of college.

Ernesto says this program has no fluff, very concise and efficient information so he doesn’t have to waste time watching 2 hour videos.  

He goes on to say this is the only program he’s been a part of where he feels like the creators actually care about his success.

He’s entirely right about that.

Our sole focus is simply making sure you’re successful.
Here's a Look at What We Cover Over the 5 Weeks
In Week 1 we're setting up your foundations.

During the foundation week we’re teaching you everything you need to know about choosing your niche, developing a high ticket offer and what you need to do to get their attention.

This information is the building blocks of any 6 figure client business and it’s imperative you get it right before you move on.

We’re not just giving you a list of niches and telling you to pick this one or that one either. 
We’re teaching you how to crack open entirely new niches, and how to dominate already competitive ones.

After this, we help you build your organic funnel in week 2.

We’re getting all of your social media profiles optimized so that you stand out to your niche when you start your organic lead generation process.

During this week, we’re giving you our frameworks for writing compelling content which is designed to get your niche to want to work with you.

We also give you our exact funnel which you can install in a few clicks. 
Instead of spending a ton of time developing your funnel and perfecting every little thing, we’re just giving it to you. 

The goal is to have everything set up before you start reaching out to potential clients and closing them.

For week 3 we’re teaching you our Client Conversion process.

This is the method we use to convert people from cold strangers into paying clients with one phone call.

Sales scares the hell out of most people mostly because there’s so much misinformation out there about the right and wrong ways to sell.

We’re going to get you up to the point where you’re 100% confident in your ability to close anyone and our script and mindset training is the way we’ll accomplish that.

Even though it takes a lifetime to become a master closer, by the end of week 3 you’ll be well ahead of 99% of the it doesn’t matter how shy or introverted you are either.

During week 4 we’ll be showing you our 4 Pillars of Organic Client Attraction.

This is the way we personally get our client's and the way our students land new client's everyday for $2000, $4000, or even $10,000.

These methods are all free or very low cost. They don’t require a ton of time and they don’t require a lot of complicated technology to use them either.

If you can devote 2 hours a day to your lead generating activities, you’ll start gaining a lot of momentum in your client business by following these 4 pillars.

And finally, in week 5 we’re covering scaling and optimizing your business.

The goal of week 5 is to productize your service and get it to the point where it’s automatically fulfilled without you.

We’re going to help you do this by showing you how to take your business from scratch to over 6 figures without hiring a ton of staff and incurring a lot of expensive overhead.
There are a few ways people in this type of business shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to growth and we show you how to avoid all of these pitfalls.

The ideal place to be in business is having your lead generation, conversion and service fulfillment completely automated and off your hands.

That’s how so many of our students are able to grow their business to 5 figures a month or more.
Here’s a fact about business:

You only need to focus on a few things to build a very successful, very profitable business.

Unfortunately, so many people get distracted by all of the noise in the market, they dilute their actions by doing a ton of stuff which doesn’t move the needle anywhere for them.

Things like…

-Writing books
-Recording podcasts
-Growing their social media profiles and trying to become “influencers”
-Screwing the day away on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
-Consuming information all day but not putting it into action.
-Trying to convince the “universe” to help them manifest a successful business.

And a million other activities which lead nowhere.

These are the same people who believe businesses are built on luck.
(It's no wonder why 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years)

I can't promise you'll become a millionaire, but I can promise you one thing:

IF you focus on doing exactly what we teach in the way we teach it, you’re going to get results. 

There’s no luck involved here - if you do the work!

So by now you’re probably wondering, “Ryan and Ben, I’m interested in the program but do I have to give you my left kidney to join?

Relax, your kidneys are safe. (for now)

Your total one time investment to join the Client Acquisition Immersion Program is only $1500 USD.

The reason we've priced it so low is because we’re still in the “beta” stage.
And believe me, this is the lowest the price will ever be again.

Because when our results start rolling in, we’ll have no choice but to increase our pricing.

So with that said, before you say yes, you should know that this program isn't for everyone.

Even though anyone can become successful doing what we teach, we’ve definitely found certain patterns which hold back people from success.

Here they are:

Unable to make a decision or think critically themselves. 

If you want us to do all of the thinking for you, you’re in the wrong program. We will give you all the tools and as much help as we can, but we can’t do everything for you. 
For example, we’re not going to just tell you what niche to work with and what to offer them.

Want unreasonably fast results with no work involved.

The process we teach in this program takes work. 
Although we’ve tried our best to make it as streamlined as possible for you with softwares and our techniques, you still have to “do stuff”. 
This is not a get rich quick program.

The people who get the best results are diligent with their actions. They follow the action steps everyday and they achieve the results they want.

Inability to focus

We find the people who get results are the ones who can focus on one thing regardless of what other people are doing.

For instance: if you choose to work with “niche A” and you do the work of reaching out to them, but you’re not getting immediate results, it can be tempting to switch niches if you see another guy land client's in “niche B”.  

This is NOT the way to become successful in this type of business.

You need the ability to stick things out when they’re not going your way and trust in the process or else you simply won’t be successful with our methods. 

So if you’re honest with yourself and feel like you fall into one of those categories, then you’re probably not going to be a good fit for our program. 

That’s totally okay, perhaps you’d be better suited to the consulting mentorship group...

...However if you CAN think for yourself, you’re NOT afraid of putting in the work, and you can focus on ONE thing, then we’d love to work with you.
Here's What to Do Next

If you’d like to be part of our next Immersion Program starting on August 12th, then pay close attention.

The first step is to click the button below and enter your regular details to complete your investment.

We’ll email you and set up a time for an introductory call.

There, we'll ask a few questions about you and where you’re currently at, what you’d like to achieve, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the program. 

This way we can make sure the program is tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, if you join too late and this class is full, we’ll save your seat for the next month.

So go ahead and click the button below now.

We're looking forward to seeing you inside the program.

-Ryan and Ben
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